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Project Index

1. 25 MRI Scans of My Brain (Medical Resonance Imaging)
2. Discarded Bible
3. 2005 Yearbook Photo of Me
4. Flower
5. Dead Javelina
6. Dilapidated House
7. My Mom’s Mom’s Mom and Dad Who I Never Met and Know Nothing About
8. Sign Post
9. My Mom’s Ultrasound at 8 Weeks (of Me)
10. Creek
11. Icicles
12. Fresh Snow
13. Spider Web
14. Stuffed Bunny Rabbit (Torn Open and Discarded)
15. Dried Mud
16. Artificial Intelligence Created Image When Given Text Prompt “Mood Disorder” Using A VQGAN
17. Shell
18. Tunnel
19. Dead Moths
20. Leaves



The square root of negative one is (i)—an imaginary number. (i) carries no tangible worth or value, however, it is imperative in solving complex mathematic equations. At one point in history, the square root of negative one was thought to not exist.

Project Statement

completed in the spring of 2022


Exposé Lionel Rombach Gallery

Tucson, AZ 2022

Pick a Card Subspace Gallery

Tucson, AZ 2022

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