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This Side of Heaven

This Side of Heaven 2022

Index (In order of appearance)

1. The Multiverse (Touch Designer generative design)
2. Clouds
3. Tupac
4. Veins
5. Dumpster
6. Dry River Bed
7. Unidentified Mushrooms
8. Valerie’s World (Postcard found in an illegal dumping zone)
9. DVD Tutorial on How to Love an Emotionally Weak Person (found in an abandoned camp)
10. Car that drove off a cliff
11. Aspen Tree in a Forest of Fog
12. Natalie’s Eye
13. The Moon and Her Embrace
14. A Forest Cloaked in Dense Fog
15. A Tree Cloaked in a Bedsheet
16. A Photograph of a Double Rainbow Over the Grand Canyon I took when I was 16 or 17
17. Abandoned Apartment
18. My dad, sister, our dog Ivy, and me at Zion National Park probably around 2003
19. A white rose
20. My mom holding me the day I was born probably around 8:30 at night on June 24th 1999
21. Pigeons
22. 2 Dead Pigeons holding each other


Project Statement

I can no longer feel the pain anymore.

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