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Psychogenesis (2020-2022)

Project index


1. My medication for bipolar disorder (and antibiotics for skin conditions my other medication causes)
2. View from my windshield
3. Laminated Mother Teresa Card
4. Polaroid of Me in 1999
5. Spider
6. Monsoon Waterfall
9.A White Horse *
10. Picture of Kites I took when I was 15 (very degraded JPG File)
11. Mushrooms
12. Cross
13. Trees in Fog
14. Discarded Bible (#2)
15. Stolen Car that was Stripped, Lit on Fire, and Abandoned
16. 2 Crows and a Mountain
17. Self Portrait
18. Neatly Hung American Flag
19. View from My Bedroom
20. Accidental Photograph
21. Unidentified Wild Mushroom
22. Discarded “The Scriptures” CD/Audiobook
23. Spraypainted Pentagram
24. Public Altar
25. Ice Melt Waterfall
26. Herse
27. Vicious Dog
28. Mushrooms #2
29. Catholic Propaganda on Printer Paper Taped to a Light-post, 4 Palm Trees, and the Moon
30. Dark Tunnel
31. American Flag Torn to Shreds
32. Cactus After a Monsoon
33. Empty Waterslide
34. Delicate Flower
35. My Sister on a Foggy Beach  
36. Mysterious Car
37. Me on a White Floor
38. Leaf
39. Shell (#2)
40. Reflected Clouds
41. Mannequins
42. Doll Head
43. Overgrown Tree Inside an Abandoned Store
44. Christian Handout Card and 2 Heroin Needles (both discarded)
45. Picture of Myself in a Mirror


Project statement


The images of Psychogenesis are derived from an archive of several thousand images I made between 2020 and 2022. Having bipolar disorder, I go through phases of manically producing work and opposite phases of deep introspection. It is in the creative phase that I make all my images, and in the introspective phase that I piece them all together. Psychogenesis is an investigation into my mind and my personal realities, which are both intrinsically entangled with my memory.


"the psychological cause to which a mental illness or behavioral disturbance may be attributed (as distinct from a physical cause)" (Oxford Dictionary)

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